Update: Deadly storms get worse. – More damage and deaths occurred last night assevereweather rolled eastward, spreading death anddestruction into the southeastern US. The central UScontinues to be the scene of unusuallyviolent weather, as waspredicted byUnknowncountry.com inJanuary stories about the unusual midwinter tornadoes thatwere taking place at that time. In addtion to killing 11people in Oklahoma and causing millions of dollars inproperty damage, the recent series of storms have affectedthe planting season, meaning that many crops will be in evenmore short supply this fall. Add to this the catastrophicdrought that has caused the effective collapse of farming inmuch of Australia, and the cyclone that has probablydestroyed much of the Burmese rice crop, and world foodshortages are likely to become critical over the next six tonine months.

The severe weather is expected to continue overnight, andmove east out of Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas, and intothe southeast. Georgia and the Carolinas are at risk of moreextreme weather on Sunday afternoon.

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