Two amateur explorers want to prove the existence of theIndonesia?s Yeti by capturing one on film. Three years ago,they found a footprint and hairs which were analyzed byscientists and found not to belong to any known species.

David Green writes in that the Yeti, also knownas the Little Man of the Forest and the orang pendek, wasfirst written about by the explorer Marco Polo in 1292during his travels in Asia. English explorers Adam Daviesand Andrew Sanderson say the creature can be up to five feettall and walks upright like a human.

The footprint and two red-brown hairs, which they found in2001, were analyzed by Dr. Hans Brunner, who says they arefrom an unknown species. Davies says, “The hairs are organicproof. Dr. Brunner said they were hairs from an unknownspecies of primate and that was backed up by a primatologistin Cambridge University who said the prints were also aprimate’s.”

Last year, the two searched for the Allghoi Khorkhoi?theMongolian death worm?in the Gobi desert but they werearrested on the suspicion of being Chinese spies before theywere able to find it.

In 1998 and 2000 they searched for the Mokele M’embe, adinosaur that may still live in the Congo. “That was ourmost dangerous trip,” says Adam. “There was a civil wargoing on and rocket launchers at the airport in Kinshasa.”

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