A crop circle that has appeared in a field in Canada has astrange effect on people who stand at the center of it. Anelderly lady “?walked into the circle and said her feet felthot,” says researcher Beata Van Berkom. “Some of the mapdowsers I’ve been talking to say it is on a negative energyline because of that, which would explain the ill feelings.”

In the StarPhoenix, Darren Bernhardt quotes Van Berkom assaying, “This one felt like it had been whipped into shaperather than having the gentle flow you usually get?It waselliptical and beautiful. If people are going to make itwith a board and rope, it’s going to be a perfectcircle?This was 150 feet into the field, too, and there wereno tracks.”

Farmer Francis Burton noticed the circle when he was runninghis combine through a field of barley. He steered around thecircle, then climbed down for a closer look. He doesn?t getany strange sensations from it, but his daughter told him,after standing in the middle, that she was so dizzy shecould hardly stand up. Many people have this type ofreaction to crop circles, and ojects such as cameras oftendo not function inside them.

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