Physicist Enrico Fermi used to say that if ETs are here,”Where are they?” This became known as Fermi’s Paradox,and it preoccupied astronomers at Los Alamos and otherscientific centers as they did statistical research on theprobability of extraterrestrial life in the 1950s. Some evenconcluded that we are alone in the universe. Now a team ofU.S. scientists says new discoveries about things likesuperstring theory, wormholes in space and the discovery ofviable planets means that ETs are not only real, it islikely that we live in the midst of an ET civilization thathas known about us for eons.

They say it’s a mistake for scientists to reject storiesabout UFO sightings and abductions, since they can providegood evidence for the reality of ETs. They’ve published apaper about this in January/February issue of theprestigious Journal of the British Planetary Society.

On, Leonard David quotes astrophysicist BernardHaisch as saying, “We are in the curious situation todaythat our best modern physics and astrophysics theoriespredict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrialvisitation, yet any possible evidence of such lurking in theUFO phenomenon is scoffed at within our scientificcommunity.” Other scientists working on the project are JamesDeardorff, Bruce Maccabee and Hal Puthoff.

Haisch says of UFO reports, “Most of the observationsare probably misinterpretations, delusions and hoaxes. Ihave seen people get confused by Venus or even Sirius whenit is flashing colors low in the sky under the rightconditions. Having been turned off by this, most scientistsnever bother to look any further, and so are simplyblissfully ignorant that there may be more to it.” Butserious scientists aren’t fooled by this. Haisch says, “Wehave pulled together various recent discoveries andtheoretical issues that collectively point to the strongprobability that we should be in the midst of one or morehuge extraterrestrial civilizations.”

Deardorff says, “It would take some humility for thescientific community to suspend its judgment and take atleast some of the high quality reports seriously enough toinvestigate?but I hope we can bring ourselves to do that.”

The team agrees with Whitley Strieber’s idea that theproblem with interacting with ETs is the same problem theAztecs had interacting with the Spanish?they were cowed bySpain’s superior technology. According to the paper,acknowledging ETs could “seriously challenge our consensualreality, a not insignificant danger. The implication that wewould be powerless relative to their presumed capabilitiesand evolutionary advantage may be most unwelcome?”

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