Serial killers may be responsible for up to 10 times as many U.S. deaths as previously estimated, because these monsters prey on people whose absence will not be noticed.
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You can listen to Anne Strieber read Chapters 1 and 2 of her new novel Little Town Lies, which is in bookstores now. Click “Listen Now” on our masthead, then scroll to the last item on the list, called Little Town Lies. You can also read Chapter 1 in this month’s Texas Monthly and also online.

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Newswise – In her new novel Little Town Lies (in bookstores now), Anne Strieber writes about a surprising serial killer. Anne will read several chapters from her book on this website. We know that serial killers are psychopaths?monsters created by childhood sexual abuse. But one little-known fact that most of them are male and that 85% of them come from the US. Psychologists don’t know why this is, but it does say something about the true level of sexual abuse in this country.

Sexual abuse is no longer the dark secret that it once was in some families and schools in the past, since every psychologist now recognizes the traits in their patients that indicate that they’ve been a victim of this type of abuse.
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