Scientists, including medical doctors, are meeting in France for the first international conference about near-death experiences. The conference will also contain delegates who have themselves had a near-death experience.

One of the scientists and medical people who will be attending is intensive care doctor Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, who has interviewed patients who have had NDEs. He says, “People who were brain-dead could see what was going on in a waiting room, or around them, in precise detail. We are not talking about an hallucination here because it was quite real.” Once he felt an unconscious communication coming from one of his patients, in which he was being told to look in the patient’s wallet. When it did, he found a note asking to be removed from life support if he was ever in such a condition.

Conference head Sonia Barkallah says, “These are people who have come close to death, whether through an accident or during an operation, and who have brought back from their unconscious state accounts that are quite out of the ordinary. They are floating above their bodies, they can hear what the doctors are saying about them, they feel themselves getting sucked into a dark tunnel with a bright but not blinding light at the end of it. At the end of the tunnel they often meet ‘light beings’ or dead relatives who tell them it is not their time.” She organized the conference because “I noticed that doctors were very interested in the subject, but that they conducted their research in secret, afraid of being considered quacks. The aim of this international day is not to prove that there is life after death, it is to show what this can teach us on a human and scientific level.”

A 1982 US survey found that 8 million people here have had an NDE. Despite this fact, NDEs are a topic that is avoided by mainstream U.S. media, so you won’t read about this in your papers or hear about it on the news, but we will try to keep you posted on developments as we learn about them.

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