Will humans eventually live forever? Scientists have grown immortal skin cells in a petri dish?maybe they can someday make us immortal too?but would we want to be? This possibility raises the question of whether this would cause us to spend our lives cowering in our homes, afraid of having a fatal accident.

And it’s not just long lives that we want?we want long HEALTHY lives. Biologists can’t yet promise us immortality, but they think we can live around 20 years longer than people used to.

Some scientists, like Aubrey de Gray, think we COULD actually live forever. Researchers have extended the lives of fruit flies, worms and mice, using things like extreme calorie restriction. But most scientists now think that humans could live to be at least 140 years old.

In LiveScience.com, Ker Than quotes public health advocate Gregory Stock as saying that living twice as long as we use to would “give us a chance to recover from our mistakes.” But some of us think there may be some people who can never correct their mistakes. There’s even a scientific word for them: sociopaths.

On the other hand, maybe there?s even hope for these troubled folks, if they live long enough.

Staying healthy is the key to living a long life, and two of the most important things we can do are lose weight and stop smoking.

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