We recently talked about time travel and parallel universes on Dreamland with Fred Alan Wolf. Japanese scientists report that they think it will soon be possible to create new, “baby universes” inside their labs. What will happen to these universes over time is anybody’s guess, because, once they are created, there will no longer be any way to detect them. Would they eventually expand into whole and complete universes like our own? It’s possible, Which leads to the question, where did WE come from?

Scientists say that parallel universes definitely exitst,but we don’t know where they are, exactly WHAT they are or how things are different inside them. We are going to have an exciting upcoming Dreamland show with Starfire Tor and Brandon Scott, which explores this volatile subject.

In order to create the new universe, the space-time around a tiny point within our own universe will be distorted in such a way that it will begin to form a new superfluid space, and will eventually break off. When it does this, scientists say that it will be separate in every way from our experience of space and time, but they don’t say (or don’t know) what it will be like.

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