Metabolic syndrome is like a ticking time bomb inside your body that goes off as you get older, producing a group of disorders that includes insulin resistance (which leads to weight gain), heart disease and high “bad” cholesterol levels. It is estimated that more than 47 million Americans, or nearly 25%, have it. Doctors now know that one of the causes is not being breast fed for long enough?or at all. Now they think that NOT USING your breasts for feeding your child may lead to breast cancer. It turns out that baby bottles?especially plastic ones?were a bad idea for MANY reasons.

Lowering the risk of breast cancer is one of the more important health benefits for mothers who breastfeed, yet it is something that is not well known. Pediatrician James Sears says, “It is becoming well documented that breastfeeding decreases a mother?s chances of developing pre or post-menopausal breast cancer and this benefit is strongly connected with the length of time a woman breastfeeds. Any amount of breastfeeding is beneficial to mom and baby, research shows?two weeks is good, four months is even better, and more than six months is best as far as protection against breast cancer goes.” However, he notes that nothing can completely eliminate this risk and family history is always an important factor with breast cancer.

Researcher Gina Ciagne says, “Many women know the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby, but there are also many benefits to the mother including reducing your risk of getting breast cancer. Through?the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, we are hoping to bring attention to the connection between breastfeeding and how it can reduce the risk of breast cancer.”

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