The September 6 New York Times reports that a team of weapons inspectors studying satellite photography have identified several sites in Iraq where they suspect nuclear weapons are being made. These are sites with new construction that has taken place since the last inspections four years ago.

A team of 15 experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna noticed the new structures in photographs shot by a commercial satellite and compared them to pictures and information gathered by the inspectors the last time they were in Iraq. “We are very curious to see what is under the roof,” weapons inspector Jacques Baute says, referring to one of the new buildings. “There are some activities that could be part of prohibited activities, but we have nothing now that allows us to draw a conclusion.?

Even if they were allowed to return, the inspectors say it would take them a year to examine enough locations, documents and samples to get a full picture of Iraq’s weapons. Iraq has been importing ?dual-use? substances, that can be used for both nuclear weapons as well as nuclear fuel. The question is: What are they using them for?

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