The recent flooding of European cities has made scientists wonder if the weather is permanently changing. There is growing evidence of a link between global warming and the floods and droughts that have devastated parts of Asia and Europe this year.

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says there is undeniable proof that the Earth is warming. He says, “I think the evidence is becoming stronger that a lot of these extreme events are part of the overall process of climate change?There is a fair amount of statistical evidence and there is certainly anecdotal evidence that with the events that you see around the world which are extreme in nature, there is obviously a growing frequency, a growing severity, and I think the indications are that there is a link there.”

His associate, Ramon Pichs Madruga, says the cyclones hitting the Caribbean have become more frequent and more intense, and there is “evidence and associations” that this is caused by global warming as well.

The IPCC predicts the Earth’s surface temperature will increase by 2.5 to 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, compared with 1990 levels. Sea levels will rise from 3.6 to 35 inches, which will threaten small island states and low-lying areas.

An Austrian research paper warns that more than three dozen of the world’s poorest countries may lose up to a fifth of their grain-growing capacity by 2080 because of water scarcity caused global warming. This means that in the future, the richer countries, which are mostly to blame for greenhouse emissions, will be responsible for growing enough food to feed these countries, as well as themselves. Farmers in cold regions of North America and northern Europe will be able to farm new areas, and reactivate farms that were previously abandoned, for the increased growing of crops. Pachauri says it?s important to plan for new farm development now, to help combat the effects of climate change in poor, vulnerable countries.

Global warming is a complex interplay of the world’s oceans, atmosphere and land. Its causes are partly natural and partly human. To understand just what part humans play and what our future will be like, read ?The Coming Global Superstorm,? now only $9.95 for a hardcover signed by Whitley Strieber,click here and scroll down.

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