In an extremely rare event, a communications satellite hasstopped communicating, resulting in no telephone service for10 South Pacific nations. The hundred million dollar IS-804satellite stopped relaying phone calls on Saturday. It’sprobably still in orbit, but no longer pointing its antennaetoward Earth. This could have been caused by the recent thesolar storms, although no other satellites have beenaffected.

The NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado hasissued a warning about a strong solar flare and radiationstorm. The flare is large enough to cause radio blackoutsand is the largest flare ever produced by this particulargroup of sunspots. More flares are expected this weekend.

The satellite loss left the Cook Islands, Western Samoa,Solomon Islands, part of Samoa, Tuvalu and Tonga, as well asother small and island nations in the region, withouttelephone communication.

Some day we’ll understand thealien agenda.

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