First, Whitley talks to Robert Bruce about his incrediblyeffective new method of inducing out-of-body travel, thenLinda Howe interviews Troy Hurtubise, who claims he hasinvented a field that can see through literally anything,from walls to blocks of lead.

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RobertBruce became famous among Dreamlanders when, afterinterviewing him for an earlier Dreamland show, WhitleyStrieber proceeded to experience a bizarre and powerfulpsychic attack. He ended up consulting with Robert about hiscase, and received effective advice. Now this amazing guestis back with new adventures and a new book, and this timehe’s approaching the astral realm in a whole new way. Hislatest book,MasteringAstral Projection, is among the very best written aboutthis subject.

What is most surprising is that its program of exercisesand meditations actually works. Our listeners love RobertBruce so much that his book sold out BEFORE our show (moreare on the way and you can make sure to get one?as well assave an extra 5%–by ordering today.

Here’s what an early reviewer, who is already familiar withthe book, says about it:

“Make no mistake….this is NOT your ordinary astralprojection book. For 35 years I have searched and hoped forthis kind of information on astral projection. Every book Iread left me with more questions than answers and offeredtechniques that always seemed to be lacking in one way oranother. Then I found Mastering Astral Projection By RobertBruce and Brian Mercer. It was like a gateway opened up andthe light at the end of the tunnel was finally in reach.”

For subscribers,Robert Bruce and Whitley Strieber delve even deeper into thesecrets of astral travel. Both of them have done it and feelconfident that it is a very real state and something all ofus have a real chance of accomplishing.

Whitley begins by telling a chilling story about beingattacked by a spider that you will never forget! Then he andRobert get into a WILD discussion about the nature of theastral world and its relation to us–the bright side as wellas the dark.

You have never heard anything quite like this, but you justmight find an echo of it in your own life, as Whitleydescribes what felt to him like an attempt to steal him fromhis body, and Robert responds with a clear, conciseexplanation of just what was going on.

And that’s only the first five minutes of this GREAT interview!

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