Top secret documents found in bombed intelligence headquarters in Baghdad reveal that Russia spied for Saddam Hussein in the months leading up to the war, including listening in on private conversations between Tony Blair and other Western leaders. Moscow gave Saddam a list of assassins available for “hits” in the West, and one document implies that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons.

The documents are written in Arabic and are intelligence reports from anonymous agents in the Iraqi embassy in Moscow. In one of them, an Iraqi intelligence official says a Russian colleague passed him details about a private conversation between Blair and Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, at a meeting in Rome. In another document, an agent called “SAB” says the Russians gave him a detailed list of killers. A document dated March 12, 2002 implies that Saddam had developed, or was developing, nuclear weapons. Training materials found at the site include a certificate showing that a Rashid Jassim passed an advance course in lock-picking.

Before this information came out, Tony Blair had announced a “new era” in British relations with President Putin. He visited his family dacha near Moscow, supported the Russians in their war in Chechnya, and arranged for him to have tea with the Queen.

There are some secrets that have never been revealed, but Steven Sora spills the beans on Dreamland.

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