Nobody knows how much debris was picked up (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show) and kept by the first people to stumble upon the 1947 crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, but pieces of the craft continue to turn up and New Mexico high school geology teacher found one of them and had it tested. The result? He says it is NOT of Earth origin and speculates it therefore must have been manufactured on another planet.

Frank Kimbler didn’t have any of the debris, so he began by looking at some satellite imagery of the alleged debris site where rancher Mac Brazel told the Air Force he had found pieces of the crashed craft. Since the area had already been thoroughly searched, he figured that any debris that remained would be small, so he took a metal detector to the site to search for artifacts–and found some! His first find was inside an ant hill, where the ants had stowed it after they carried it away. It was a tiny piece of silvery foil that resembled aluminum. When describing the Roswell debris, Brazel said that he found thin foil that was so tough it could not be pierced by a bullet.

Kimbler had it tested, and using a micro-probe, the analyst was able to determine the material’s composition, which turned out to be an alloy made of aluminum, silicon, manganese and copper. While not unknown, this alloy is used in construction and rarely found in the form of foil. He then decided to check the foil’s isotopes. Certain concentrations of elements are unique to Earth, so if you know isotopic ratios for a magnesium sample, it will be the same as any other magnesium found here, but if it is NOT from Earth, it will have a different isotopic ratio (for instance, meteorites and asteroids have different ratios than Earth rocks because they come from space). On the Open Minds website, Alejandro Rojas quotes Kimbler as saying, "Either the lab made an analytical error or the material is not from Earth."

So why aren’t WE in space yet? In 1998, a mysterious man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all kinds of things he didn’t know–but when he checked them out later, he found out they were TRUE. (The new edition of The Key, with a foreword that talks about how many of his statements later turned out to be true, is in bookstores NOW). One of the few things that Whitley could NOT check out was MOTKE’s provocative statement that we are stuck on this planet because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust!

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