A robot video camera sent to investigate a mysterious, blocked door in Egypt?s Great Pyramid of Giza has found yet another door. With audiences in the U.K. watching on live television, the miniature robot crawled 71 yards up a narrow tunnel to explore a mysterious shaft blocked by a limestone door. It drilled a hole in the door and inserted a fiber optic camera. But the robot discovered that the chamber is blocked by yet another door?one that hasn’t been seen for more than 4,000 years.

Tim Kelly, of National Geographic’s television and film division, says, “I enjoyed the moment of discovery. We were not disappointed… we were successful in our mission.” It took National Geographic and the Boston firm iRobot a year to plan.

The shaft they?re trying to see inside runs deep inside the pyramid and may lead to a hidden room filled with untouched treasure, like that of King Tut. In 1993, a German archaeologist sent a small robotic probe into the shaft with a fiber-optic camera, but it ran into the thick limestone door. Now that this door has been pierced, the challenge will be to go on through the next one.

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