Plus a – It all started in Washington on March 8, when a witness reported that seeing a cigar-shaped object in the sky. In the UFO Examiner website, Roger Marsh quotes the witness as saying, “It was not the typical fat stogie-like cigar shape, ‘but rather a long silver colored tube with edges rounded in front and back. I could also barely make out two small blotches of red at even distances from the front and back.”

On March 28, unusual red and green lights on a disc-shaped UFO were spotted in the sky over Ohio at 3 am. 18 hours later, a second witness spotted the same craft flying over a different Ohio town.

Fly over to Maryland on March 29 (as this UFO apparently did), and a witness there reported seeing a baseball-sized fireball that was bright green. In Virginia on the same date, two witnesses saw odd lights and heard loud “booming” noises.

In Firefox News, Tracy Morris quotes Geoff Chester, of the US Naval Observatory, as saying that this was probably part of the booster rocket from the Soyuz space station falling to earth. But Stefan Bocchino, of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center, contradicted that and said in an e-mail to WTOP radio in Virgina that the bright light was NOT the result of a man made object (funny, how things can change).

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