Give them a drug! – How can stores prevent shop lifting? This has become more important than ever now during the economic meltdown. It turns out there is now a DRUG for kleptomaniacs that takes the fun out of stealing.

In, Robert Roy Britt quotes researcher Jon E. Grant as saying, “These are people who steal even though they can easily afford not to?[This drug] gets rid of that rush and desire.”

Studies show that 11% of adults admit to having shoplifted something at one time or another. The drug naltrexone curbs addictive urges to consume alcohol and drugs and to gamble by blocking the opiates that give addicts their ?high.? After 8 weeks of treatment, patients reported that they no longer had the urge to steal.

Instead of jailing these people when they are caught, this drug might be the treatment of choice, which would save municipalities a great deal of money?IF they could make sure the drug was being taken. Perhaps it could even be prescribed for some CEOs, bankers and hedge fund operators?

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