A psychic’s visions about a political candidate eventually led to the candidate’s arrest. Five years ago, psychic Rod Spraggins accused political opponent Barry Waites of murdering his wife, with nothing to back it up except the fact that he saw it in a dream. Spraggins and Waites were running against each other in a race for a city council seat in Birmingham, Alabama, so the accusation seemed politically motivated?except it wasn’t.

CNN reports that Waites has been arrested on murder charges in the 1998 slaying of his wife, who was found dead in their home. Waites never responded publicly to the accusation of Spraggins and never sued him for slander, although he threatened to do so. At first, Spraggins wouldn’t say where he got his information. However, he recently disclosed that it was based entirely on the wife appearing to him in a series of dreams, starting right after her death. Waites has since remarried.

The chief of police wouldn’t comment on Spraggins’ dreams, but it’s clear that they inspired him to follow up on leads and evidence that had grown cold over the years, because he finally made the arrest.

Spraggins and Waites both lost the election.

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