weekend reading – A recent survey of nearby stars shows that 30% of them have versions of earth orbiting around them. Many of these are as much as 10 times larger than our own home planet.

Many of the stars that were thought to have no planets in their orbits have planets so small that they were overlooked before, but these are unlikely to harbor life. In Scientific American, J.R. Minkel quotes astronomer Didier Queloz as saying, “It turns out that a large fraction of the stars that we had believed had no planets actually have planets, but of small mass.”

Could it be that planets with the potential for life?or with life already on them?are actually COMMON? And if ETs are common, are they COMING HERE? Next week on Dreamland, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman talks with Whitley about “Flying Saucers & Science,” and subscribers get to listen to Jim Marrs talk to Tim Good about what we need to know about UFOs.

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