Of all of the sources of images of potentially anomalous objects, video feeds from orbiting NASA spacecraft have provided a treasure trove of images and video for UFO hunters. Ultimately, the data that comes from our space agencies is also controlled and can be censored by said agencies, a fact that can potentially hinder civilian efforts to discover anomalous images. But what if someone were to bypass the middleman, and gather data from orbit on their own?

There is indeed a group that plans to do just that. Calling themselves "CubeSat for Disclosure", they are a team of researchers that plan to make use of a CubeSat to search for evidence of UFOs from orbit. A CubeSat is a 10 cm (4 inch), 1.33 kg (3 lb) cube-shaped miniature satellite, for use by private individuals, that can be placed in orbit for as little as $20,000 USD. The CubeSats can stay aloft for up to three months, before dropping back to Earth.

The group plans to pack the small satellite with instruments capable of gathering visual, infrared, electromagnetic, and radiation data, with the hopes of spotting a genuine unknown. Their CubeSat is ready to go, but they are running a Kickstarter campaign, to see if they can upgrade their device’s equipment before launch.

CubeSat for Disclosure project manager and software engineer Dave Cote is convinced there’s something to be found up there: “We have former Astronauts, Military personnel, Police officers and the Former Defence Minister of Canada come forward stating that extraterrestrial UFOs are real, and that we are being visited. How can this be ignored and brushed off as nonsense?” 

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