We know that wine improves with aging, but this is ridiculous! Our genes are prehistoric, which may be the reason that archeologists have just found winemaking tools in a cave in Armenia that was inhabited over 6,000 years ago. The cave was discovered 4 years ago and the oldest known leather shoe (over 5,000 years old) was also found there (it was a woman’s size seven), meaning that drinking so much you lose track of your shoes is nothing new.

In the January 11th edition of the New York Times, Pam Belluck quotes archeological chemist Patrick E. McGovern as saying, "I see it as the earliest winemaking facility that’s ever been found. It shows a fairly large-scale operation, and it fits very well with the evidence that we already have about the tradition of making wine."

She quotes archeologist Gregory Areshian as saying, "We keep finding more interesting things. Because of the conditions of the cave, things are wonderfully preserved." They may even RECREATE this vintage. Areshian says they are doing "a very extensive DNA analysis of the grape seeds’ from the cave and "our botanists want to plant some of the seeds."

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