New information has surfaced about late author Ken Kesey, who died a decade ago. Kesey wrote "One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest," and these newly-discovered writings reveal that he saw UFOs flying over his property. In fact, he thought that one of his neighbors may have been an ET.

On the Huliq website, Dave Masko quotes one of Kesey’s papers as describing gangs or groups of "seven to 9, maybe 11 of these beings" living in simple coastal homes with no TV antenna on the roof or signs of electrics, and "yet there’s a dim light." After meeting them, Kesey wrote that the aliens were the "new bulls and this Earth is its grassland." When Kesey attended Stanford University in 1959, he volunteered to take part in the CIA project "MKULTRA," which took place at a Veteran’s Hospital (the inspiration for "Cuckoo’s Nest," which is set in a mental hospital). In "ULTRA," volunteers were given LSD to see if they could communicate with other worlds. This is supposedly one of the upcoming Wikileaks that will eventually be posted (we wonder what else will be revealed!)

We have our OWN brand of UFO "Wikileaks:" Anne Strieber has an ongoing project in which she interviews contactees about what THEIR experience has REALLY BEEN LIKE, and has posted thirteen of them so far just for subscribers.

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