A group of former military officers have flown in a private jet into a chemtrail that was being emitted from a military cargo aircraft. They obtained samples of the aerosol and had them tested in a laboratory.

The trail contained barium (non-radioactive) and tiny particles of aluminum. A mixture like this would increase the reflectivity of the atmosphere and reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface.

ED. NOTE: On April 5, 2001, our attempts to contact these officers directly failed. We therefore cannot confirm, as if this date, that this event actually happened. We relied on a trusted source, but the details of the flight–where it occured, when, who was on the plane, etc.–cannot be verified.

It is to be noted that the winter of 2000-2001 has been the coldest in fifty years in Siberia, and that temperatures have been significantly lower across the United States.

In January of 2001, Dr. Edward Teller, who was one of the developers of the atomic bomb, proposed this as a possible way of reducing global warming. “The simplest plan is to put into the high atmosphere small particles that scatter away one or two percent of the sunlight,” Teller said.

Dr. Teller’s colleague at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Dr. Ken Caldeira had expected to prove Teller wrong, but found, to his surprise that geoengineering of the atmosphere would probably return the climate to a cooler state.

While the climate has cooled noticeably in the northern hemisphere over the past six months, there is no evidence that this has happened in the southern hemisphere, even though the spraying has been so extensive over Australia that it has, at times, drawn incredulous crowds.

When Teller was asked when the spraying of particles should start, he said, “the sooner the better.”

There would be a number of motives for keeping such a project secret. One is that the spraying would violate the airspace of numerous countries, and gaining permission to carry it out over some of them might be difficult. Another is that changes in the weather and the atmosphere might cause damage and possibly illness, and there would be enormous liability problems associated with a public program. In addition, action by environmental groups or public outcry might limit the program in many areas, rendering it ineffective.

Such a program, if it is being secretly carried out, will mask the effects of global warming, rendering the planet vulnerable to rapid and catastrophic heating if the program should ever be cancelled, or if, for some reason, it should cease to work.

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