Scientists are turning their attention to how global warming affects plant life. They suspect that there will be less nutrition in vegetables that are grown in the future, due to climate change. But some scientists wonder if there will even BE any vegetables in the future, since global warming affects pollination.

Dr. David Inouye, who studied 30 years of data on pollination in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, says, “High altitudes are one of the habitats where it seems that climate change is having dramatic effects?The timing of flowering has become earlier, particularly since 1998, the abundance of some flowers has changed, and the synchrony of plants and pollinators may be changing.”

Flowering time for plants in the Rocky Mountains is determined by when the snow melts, which is changing in response to global warming. Global warming affects lower altitudes differently than higher ones. As a result, animals exposed to earlier warm weather may leave their hibernation earlier and birds responding to earlier spring weather in their wintering grounds may fly north while there are several feet of snow on the ground, risking starvation. Add this to the pole shift now in progress, and we may find that some bird populations become extinct.

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