We all know that snacking before bed can pile on the pounds, but new research suggests that it can actually CHANGE the part of your brain that controls your desire to eat, so that you have a permanent, GENETIC desire to snack late at night. But soon we may be able to take an injection to avoid gaining weight!

At the University of Texas, researchers trained mice to eat at a time when they normally wouldn’t and found that it turned on their body-clock genes in a particular area of the brain. Even when the food stopped coming, the genes continued to activate at the new, expected mealtime.

So is there any way to genetically condition ourselves NOT to eat? Scientists are working on it.

The fat cells in your stomach are the most dangerous ones, since they increased your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Having a lot of fat inside these cells can give you type II diabetes, even if you’re not fat! These cells are also the hardest cells to EMPTY. Just eating less won’t do it, but now a new study shows that the way to achieve this is through exercise. Dr. Tongjian You says, “Exercise is important to reducing the size of these cells, and may one day be part of a prescription for treating the health complications associated with abdominal fat.”

The BBC reports that researchers have developed a vaccine that causes the body to produce antibodies against ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes us hungry. So far, however, it only works on rats.

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