There are rumors circulating in Latin America that the Bushfamily plans to purchase 98,000 acres of land inParaguay. It has been reported that the president’sdaughter, Jenna Bush, is involved with the purchase and maybe the owner of the land.

The land purchase is near the triple border betweenParaguay, Brazil and Argentina, and stands over one of thelargest reserves of fresh water on the planet, a giganticaquifer that lies under parts of Brazil, Urugay, Paraguayand Argentina, and is larger than Texas and California puttogether.

The alleged purchase has caused concern among leftistgovernments in the region, because of the huge naturalresources in the area. However, the Bush family is alsoassociated with a environmental reserve in the area calledthe Fatherland Foundation, or Fundacion Patria. Thefoundation was active recently, but its was no longerfunctioning in September.

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Peter Levenda, our resident expert on sinister forces, would probably call this an example of an unholy alliance. Jim Marrs, this week’s Dreamland guest, might suspect it has something to do with the terror conspiracy. But whatever you call it, remember that you read about it HERE, on, the place where you get news you just can’t get anywhere else. Make sure we’re here for you tomorrow–subscribe today!

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