A huge alien planet has a strange hot spot on its side, and astronomers don’t know what it is. The planet resembles Jupiter, because it’s a hot gas giant, and one side of it is constantly boiling under its parent star. But the warmest part of it isn’t facing its sun, it’s facing AWAY from it. NASA’s Michael Werner says, "This is a very unexpected result. Spitzer (NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope) is showing us that we are a long way from understanding these alien worlds." Meanwhile, if we ever start up our space program up again, we’ll be able to use the moon as a base of operations, because it turns out there is lots of water there. On the ABC News website, Ned Potter reports that NASA has announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of ice water ice in a crater near the moon’s south pole–enough to fill over a thousand swimming pools. And if there’s ice there, it probably exists in other places on the moon as well.

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