This week’s Dreamland host Marla Frees sure thinks we can, and many of us who are NOT psychic mediums have found that sometimes we can do it too. A 2002 survey by the National Science Foundation shows that 60% of Americans think that some people are psychic. These are folks who claim to be able see the future on a regular basis–is there any scientific evidence behind their claims? Researcher Daryl Bem of performed 9 experiments with more than 1,000 Cornell University students, asking them to identify an erotic photo on their computers BEFORE they saw it, and found that most of them could do it.

This may not have worked as well had he used a less stimulating image, like the White House (for instance). Many contactees report having sexual relations with ETs and this may be at least partly because sex elicits such strong emotions in human beings–something the aliens may somehow "feed" off of. On the Hplus magazine website, Ben Goertzel quotes Bem as saying, "I grew up very skeptical of claims of psychic power, jaded by stupid newspaper astrology columns and phony fortune-tellers claiming to read my future in their crystal balls for $20. Clearly there are many frauds and self-deluded people out there, falsely claiming to perceive the future and carry out other paranormal feats. But this is no reason to ignore solid laboratory evidence pointing toward the conclusion that, in some cases, precognition really does exist."

Speaking of contactees, did you know that Anne Strieber has completed a total of nine interviews with them? In some of these, they talk candidly about their ET sexual experiences. Listen to all these extraordinary interviews, which are available only to subscribers, and if you subscribe for two years, we’ll send you our exquisite 2011 crop circle calendar for FREE and if you hurry–while supplies last–we’ll include a 2010 calendar as well!

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