A pilot has reported seeing two UFOs near the island of Guernsey in the UK. BBC News describes them as “bright yellow flat disc shapes?twice the size of a Boeing 737.”

Besides being seen by pilot Ray Bowyer, the UFOs were also seen by the plane?s passengers and by other nearby planes. BBC News quotes British UFO researcher John Spencer as saying, “These types of sightings have been reported by pilots?generally accepted to be reliable and sensible observers?since the 1940s and they have excited attention to this day. Such light effects are often popularly thought to represent alien visitors but many UFO researchers believe they more likely represent natural, atmospheric, phenomena not yet fully understood by science. However, a similar encounter in 1978 over the Bass Straits in Australia, where the pilot was in radio contact with the ground throughout, resulted in the pilot never being heard from again, so these phenomena are important to study.”

UFO investigator Nick Pope, who has been a guest on Dreamland, says, “While no witnesses are infallible, pilots are trained observers and less likely than most people to misidentify something mundane. The [Ministry of Defense’s] UFO case files contain several reports from civil and military pilots, some of which were correlated by radar. This is the sort of sighting that is taken seriously and should be investigated thoroughly. While most UFOs can be explained as misidentifications of aircraft, weather balloons, satellites and suchlike, a small percentage are more difficult to explain. This is one of the most intriguing sightings I’ve heard about in recent years.” Subscribers recently had a chance to chat with Nick.

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