We recently reported on the discovery of an Earth-like planet that is fairly nearby (in space terms, anyway). We wrote that astronomers are already making plans to explore it. In the meantime, they can find out if there is life there from right here on earth.

Swiss astronomer Michel Mayor, who was part of the team that discovered the new planet, says that we are 20 years away from detecting any life that may exist on the planet. On the Msnbc.com website, Bradley S. Klapper quotes Mayor as saying, “We can do science, we can do experiments. We have the methodology, the ability to do this simply on science, so let’s do it?American scientists recently estimated that the discovery of an exoplanet resembling the Earth would probably take 20 years. The Europeans didn’t wait for them.”

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Many of our readers and listeners have ALREADY explored other worlds?or these other worlds have come to them!

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