We’ve reported in the past that cancer has eternal life. Now there may be a pill that prevents its spread, which is what usually kills people who contract the disease.

A chemically altered form of vitamin E mixed into mouse chow dramatically reduced spread of aggressive mammary cancer in mice, suggesting that this could be used to treat human cancer as well. It may be given to cancer patients as a dietary supplement because, according to researcher Emmanuel T. Akporiaye, it “was more effective when incorporated into food.” Mice eating the super chow had a 4.8-fold reduction in the number of tumors that spread to the lungs, compared to control mice. An even greater effect was seen when the animals began eating the super chow as a cancer preventive.

This is not ordinary vitamin E, but a special form of the vitamin. We may soon be able to buy it as a supplement in health food stores.

Aging is a defense against contracting cancer, because a gene that help suppress tumors also determines when our cells stop multiplying and start deteriorating. As our cells age, this gene becomes more active, meaning that our cells have greater protection against cancer but lose the ability to divide. Cells that no longer divide die off and we start to age. In LiveScience.com, Ker Than quotes researcher Sean Morrison as saying, “This research tells us why our old tissues have less regenerative capacity than young tissues. It’s not that old tissues wear out?they’re actively shutting themselves down, probably to avoid turning into cancer cells.” It’s certainly a depressing choice!

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