The US military has developed a new surveillance drone that is virtually invisible. Researchers know that, due to the way our eyes work, fast-moving helicopter blades cannot be seen, except as a blur. Now they have used this knowledge to design an entire plane that spins so quickly that it’s invisible. Since it’s a drone (meaning there are no pilots), there is no problem with the g forces. But who will they use it to spy on?

Barry Fox writes in New Scientist that inventor Michael Dammar, of the VeraTech corporation in Minnesota, has designed the perfect spy plane. The immediate response is that we can make great use of this in Iraq and Afghanistan, looking for insurgents and Osama bin-Laden (if he?s still alive). Conspiracy theorists, such as,Jim Marrs and Peter Levenda, will say that our government is likely to use it to spy on us.

The question then becomes: is that a bad thing? We have cameras in elevators and dressing rooms, and when we place a call to a company, we are routinely informed that the call may be monitored. The UK was able to catch the July 7 bus bombers because they had set up surveillance cameras all over London during the days of IRA terrorism.

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