Since January, there have been numerous phantom pantherattacks reported in the British press, and many moresightings throughout the country. In West Oxfordshire, ananimal that has been nicknamed “the Beast of Burford” hasbeen appearing in a farming community and killing sheep inthe area. The sheep have been killed in a mannercharacteristic of big cats. The Cotswold Wildlife Park hasoffered a $10,000 reward for the live capture of the animal.

On April 4, Rev. Ron Jones observed a black panther about120 feet away while he was walking on a heavily traffickedtrail in Eastbourne. In February, there was a sighting of asimilar animal in the area.

On the night of March 21, Anthony Holder was mauled by alarge black animal at Sydenham Park in Southeast London. Mr.Holden was badly scratched by the animal.

There are numerous other reports from the south of England,including attacks and sightings, but so far no animal hasbeen captured.

The British Big Cat Societyhas called for calm after the Sydenham Park sighting,because it occurred in a heavily populated area and there isconcern that the animal may be shot.

The British Isles have been a center of big cat sightingsfor many years, but since 2002, there has been a steadyincrease in both sightings and encounters.

Thus far, not a single animal has been captured or killed.

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