Master Astrologer Mahala offers a newvision of the immediate future and some brilliant insightsinto the effects of the gamma ray burst that struck earth inlate December.

She says “We are still reeling from the effects of thatGamma Ray Burst in December. That burst hit the moon first,and then it bounced off and hit the Earth’s ionosphere,which caused it to light up. This burst was very highfrequency energy and the Earth is still shaking and quakingfrom it. On December 26, there were 17 major 6 and 7 pointearthquakes recorded. By December 27, about 30 quakes wererecorded, not only in the Sumatra area, but all over theworld, and it’s still quaking.”

Then she goes on to explain how to use this remarkableenergy in personal transformation. To read her report,click here.

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