The authors of the secret Pentagon global warming report now say they were only reporting a “worst case” scenario. Futurologist Peter Schwartz says that “unlikely though such events are, such studies are valuable?as valuable as if, say, someone in the 1990s had investigated the highly unlikely looking possibility that someone would try to destroy the World Trade Center by flying two airplanes into it.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Keay Davidson quotes Pentagon spokesman Lt. Commander Dan Hetladge as saying, “It’s a tempest in a teacup.” Pentagon official Andrew Marshall authorized the $100,000 report from the Doug Randall and Peter Schwartz of the Emeryville group. Hetladge calls Marshall “the ‘Yoda’ of the Pentagon: He’s the wise one that, when we need someone to think about big things, he’s the one we turn to.”

Schwartz says he and Randall consulted with “about nine prominent climatologists,” but declines to name them. Schwartz seems like an optimist, since in 1999 he wrote a book about the world economy titled “The Long Boom.” Randall has written about hydrogen fuel. Instead of choosing actual climate scientists to compile the report, the Pentagon chose two futurists who would be more likely to look on the positive side of things?and got a very bleak report from them.

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