Scientists are discovering that there are representations all over the Earth that accurately depict the positions of the stars in the sky, as they looked at the time when these buildings and earthworks were created.

Archeologists didn’t understand why the three pyramids at Giza in Egypt weren’t in a straight row, until they realized they mimicked the arrangement of the stars in what we call “Orion?s belt,” with the middle star slightly out of alignment compared to the other two.

Now archeologist Wolfgang Thiele has found huge ancient images over thousands of acres in Europe that are a reflection of the night sky at the time they were first created. He began by studying a zodiac on the ceiling of an old church, which stands on the spot where the first Christian chapel was built in Europe. Before that, it was a Celtic site.

This isn’t unusual, as churches were often built on spots that earlier religions believed were sacred. Thiele eventually discovered a total of 258 chapels, churches and convents which, taken together, symbolize the night sky as seen in the distant past, when Christianity was first brought to Europe. The churches weren’t intentionally built to reflect the heavens, but they ended up this way by being built on top of Celtic sites, which WERE intentionally placed in these patterns.

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