The New York Times has just published a story detailing how the US Defense Department has been carrying out an extensive program of observation and study of UFOs for years while publicly claiming it had no interest in the subject. Consistent with claims being made by Tom DeLong and the experts he assembled in his "To The Stars" presentation on October 16. The Times story includes video authenticated by the Pentagon that clearly shows an unknown object through the targeting camera of an FA-18 Super Hornet using one of the most highly sophisticated tracking systems available on US military aircraft,  the Raytheon AN/ASQ-228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) pod. The ATFLIR has high resolution and can locate and designate targets at distances exceeding 40 nautical miles.

The video clearly shows the object maneuvering in ways that are impossible for known aircraft, and in fact do not appear to be related to aerodynamic movement at all.

The release of this video through a New York Times story effectively ends the UFO coverup. Even though the Pentagon program was defunded in 2012, this does not mean that no programs are still ongoing, although it is also true that research into unusual materials collected over the years has been recently defunded as well, although this was a political act and had nothing to do with progress in that program.

An important caution came from MIT astrophysicist Sara Seagar, who is quoted in the Times story as saying that not knowing the oirgin of an object does not mean that it is from another planet or galaxy. In the edition of Whitley’s Journal also appearing today, he comments extensively on the importance of Seagar’s statement.

The effective end of the UFO coverup is, of course, extremely important to close encounter witnesses. It is important to remember, as Whitley Strieber says in his December 16 journal entry: "We do not yet know the origin of these objects, or their true nature. This is not the end of the story, but the beginning." To read Whitley’s Journal, click here.

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