‘Definitely Not Satellites’: Numerous UFO Sightings Reported by Civilian Pilots Over Canadian Airspace

February 21, 2024
No less than 18 UFO reports submitted by civilian pilots have been retrieved from Transport Canada's online aviation incident database, with 17 of the incidents occurring in 2023 alone. These encounters took place in numerous locations across the country and... continued

A New Study Warns that if Ocean Currents in North Atlantic ‘Fully Shut Down’; a Superstorm Scenario May Follow

February 16, 2024
A key component of the ocean currents that criss-cross the North Atlantic Ocean is approaching a "tipping point" which, according to a new study,  could lead to a collapse of the entire Sea and Ocean system.  This situation would likely... continued

Neuron-Based Computer Chips Could Make Energy Efficient AI a Reality

February 12, 2024
Today's machine learning programs—more commonly referred to as artificial intelligence—have a serious handicap: due to the large amounts of computing power required for these modern miracles to function, they're extremely energy hungry, with the servers and supercomputers that run these... continued

A Mysterious Lost Mesoamerican Culture Uncovered in Ecuador May Be the Amazon’s Oldest Civilization

February 6, 2024
The remains of a previously lost civilization have been uncovered in the dense rainforests of Ecuador, consisting of extensive earthworks, irrigation canals, roads and cities that may have been populated by hundreds of thousands of people. What's more, this civilization... continued

The DoD Lacks a ‘Comprehensive, Coordinated Approach’ to UAP, According to a New DoD Report

February 3, 2024
A report issued last fall by the Department of Defense has found that the DoD appears to have not "developed a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for understanding, identifying, and protecting against unidentified phenomena that may present a safety threat to... continued

‘More of the Same’: Closed-Door Congressional Briefing on UAP Frustrates Representatives

January 29, 2024
A closed-door meeting with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) was held by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee on January 12 regarding the issue of covert UAP reverse-engineering programs. The mood of the participating members was mixed... continued

New Details Regarding Enigmatic ‘Jellyfish UAP’ Released by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp

January 26, 2024
Two strange videos of an even stranger UAP that infiltrated a Joint Forces base in Iraq in 2017 have been released by filmmaker and investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell; showing an amorphous object nicknamed the "Jellyfish UAP", the authenticity of the... continued

2023 Puts Paris Accord Temperature Target in Jeopardy with New Global Heat Record

January 23, 2024
It's official: 2023 was the hottest year on record, according to the planet's top five meteorological organizations, with the global average temperature coming in at just a hair under 1.5°C (2.7°F) above the pre-industrial average, beating the previous record holders... continued

Gunung Padang, Sacred Megaliths in Indonesia May Be as Old As—if Not Older Than—Göbekli Tepe

January 18, 2024
A team of archeological and geological experts studying Indonesia's ancient megalithic site of Gunung Padang have discovered evidence that artificial structures at least as old as—and possibly even older than—Turkey's Göbekli Tepe, buried deep below the terraces that adorn the... continued

New Legislation Aims to Create UAP Reporting Channels and Legal Safeguards for Civilian Aviators

January 15, 2024
A new bill introduced to Congress seeks to establish UAP reporting channels for civilian pilots and provide legal safeguards against potential retaliations for reporting their unusual encounters, with these new measures to be facilitated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).... continued