Wishing an Auspicious Start to 2024, from Whitley and the Team at Unknown Country

January 1, 2024
2023 was quite a year. Militarization and wars and battlefields distract much of the world's attention from the imminent presence of increasingly unpredictable weather redirecting the way everyone lives.    From a historic and political perspective "In too many ways,... continued

30 Percent of Controversial Nazca Mummies’ DNA is “Not from Any Known Species”

December 26, 2023
A recent analysis of the DNA of the controversial Nazca Mummies show that 30 percent of their DNA is "not from any known species," according to Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan; although he previously said that this portion of their genetic... continued

Mysterious Fluctuations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Have Been Mapped, Courtesy of Ancient Mesopotamian Kings

December 21, 2023
New insights into an unexplained anomaly in the Earth's magnetic field that occurred 3,000 years ago have been brought to light through the examination of Bronze Age clay bricks inscribed with the names of Mesopotamian kings that ruled during the... continued

Detours on the Road to Disclosure: UAP Amendment Knocked Down, but Senator Schumer Promises to Keep Fighting

December 18, 2023
The Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023— also referred to as the Schumer Amendment—has been defanged by obstacles to the landmark legislation launched by a cadre of key Congressional Representatives, reportedly acting on behalf of influential defense contractors and... continued

Dr. Garry Nolan’s UAP Conference Deemed Groundbreaking — Despite Reported Lack of Representation from Witnesses and Experiencers

December 15, 2023
Over the weekend of November 17 a landmark UFO conference, titled The Sol Foundation Initiative for UAP Research and Policy, was held at Stanford University and attended almost exclusively by some of the most prominent members of the UFO research... continued

The Real “Long-Covid”? China’s Children Facing a Deluge of Respiratory Infections, Flu Post Lockdown

December 11, 2023
On November 21, global disease tracking organization ProMED posted about hospitals in Northeast China that are overwhelmed due to an surge of "undiagnosed pneumonia" among children, particularly in China’s capital, Beijing, and nearby Liaoning.  Some parents there are expressing concern... continued

Inside Sources: A Secret Office In the CIA Coordinates UAP Crash & Retrieval Operations on Foreign Soil

December 8, 2023
A clandestine office within the Central Intelligence Agency titled the Office of Global Access (OGA) is reportedly the authority responsible for the retrieval of UFOs that have crashed outside of the United States for the past two decades, according to... continued

Passage of a UAP Disclosure Act Is Being Threatened by a Mike Turner-Led Group in Congress

December 4, 2023
A cadre of four key Congressional Representatives led by Member of Congress Mike Turner are opposing the passage of the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023—more commonly referred to as the Schumer Amendment—that would see the formation of a Presidentially-appointed... continued

OpenAI: Call for International Regulation of ‘Superintelligent’ AI After its Board Warned of a Dangerous Breakthrough

December 2, 2023
A breakthrough in AI “superintelligence” has been rumored to have been made by the company that unleashed ChatGPT on the world, OpenAI, with their new project reportedly employing reasoning capabilities that previous machine learning models have not been capable of.... continued

Retired US Navy Admiral Plans to Launch Expedition To Investigate a Potential Underwater Base of Unknown Origin

November 27, 2023
Retired US Navy Rear Admiral and oceanographer Timothy Gallaudet has revealed the existence of an inexplicable geological anomaly that was recently discovered on the seafloor near California's Catalina Island, the site of numerous encounters between the US Navy and UAP,... continued