Recent Findings Regarding Convergent Evolution May Mean Many of Our Evolutionary Trees Are Wrong

July 8, 2022
The evolutionary trees that we use to define the relationships between different species could be very wrong, according to researchers that study the genetic connections between various species, both contemporary and extinct. These extended family trees connecting all living things... continued

A Hungry Jupiter May Have Cannibalized Many of the Solar System’s Early Planets

July 6, 2022
A recent study has revealed that the planet Jupiter devoured numerous smaller planets in the early days of the Solar System's formation. This apparent cannibalism of its young siblings now sets to rest at least one debate regarding the formation... continued

A Baby Mammoth Has Been Recovered From the Arctic, Only the Second Such Find in History

July 1, 2022
A well-preserved woolly mammoth calf has been excavated in the Canadian Arctic, the first time such a discovery has been made in North America, and only the second baby mammoth to be recovered in the world, an event that is... continued

Levels of Powerful Greenhouse Gas Methane Increased at a Record Rate Last Year

June 28, 2022
The concentration of the greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere rose at a record-breaking rate in 2021, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), jumping by 17 parts per billion (ppb) over the course of the year, beating 2020's precipitous... continued

High-powered Lasers Could Cut the Half-life of Nuclear Waste From “A Million Years to 30 Minutes”

June 23, 2022
Nuclear waste: the radioactive material left over from numerous medical, industrial and military applications can persist for millions of years before its atomic structure decays into a more stable element.  Although the long-term storage of toxic byproducts can mostly keep... continued

China’s ‘Sky Eye’ Might Have Intercepted a Radio Signal from Space

June 20, 2022
Radio astronomers in China have observed what they believe to be an artificial radio signal from another star system, a system that is home to an exoplanet with characteristics extremely similar to that of the Earth. The research team that... continued

A Mirror Universe That Balances Our Own May Exist

June 15, 2022
The particles that make up the Universe around us are out of balance, and physicists are searching for a cause.  Following the Big Bang, there should have been an equal number of particles that mirror one-another.  I.e. there should be... continued

NASA to Launch an Independent Investigation Into UFOs

June 14, 2022
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced that they will be launching an independent study of the UAP phenomenon later this year, focusing on "identifying available data, how best to collect future data, and how NASA can use that... continued

A Novel Cancer Study Begins, While Another Concludes With “Happy Tears”

June 10, 2022
A Phase I clinical trial of an experimental anticancer drug has begun, using a specialized virus designed to selectively attack the cells that make up the targeted tumor. A separate cancer study has also produced the unprecedented—yet very welcome—outcome of... continued

Global CO2 Levels Continue to Rise, Now More Than 50% over Pre-Industrial Levels

June 7, 2022
The annual peak in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels hit a new record high this May, averaging 421 parts per million (ppm), an increase of nearly 1.9 ppm over this time last year, and more than 50 percent higher than the... continued