Part of the UAP directives laid out in the National Defense Authorization Act 2023 (NDAA) to aid the UAP Task Force in its duties was a provision protecting potential whistleblowers that might come forward to tell about their experience in either handling or working on technologies recovered from crashed UFOs, shielding them from the consequences imposed by their non-disclosure agreements. While filmmaker Jeremy Corbell hinted that there were numerous individuals waiting to take advantage of this new legislation in order to tell their stories, fellow documentarian James Fox recently relayed a statement from a former member of the USAF whose duties dealt with “very extraordinary technologies” being investigated at Area 51, and who wants the public to know that “we’re not alone.”

While discussing his recent documentary on the 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO crash/retrieval, Moment of Contact, Fox read a prepared statement from a former Air Force officer who reportedly worked with individuals “that are working on very extraordinary technologies and materials,” as part of his duties at the enigmatic facility located at Area 51. This is an individual that was also allegedly called upon to testify before Congress and the Senate in regards to UAP, and was later interviewed by the UAP Task Force as part of their investigation.

I know this person well,” Fox said on Viva Frei’s YouTube podcast. “This person went on camera for me; they have to be very, very careful because the NDAs that they are involved with are pretty serious.” Fox also said that this individual had provided documentation that they had indeed worked in the capacity that they claimed they did: “I saw all the photographs of this individual behind the scenes.”

Fox, who produced the groundbreaking 2020 documentary The Phenomenon, worked with the former USAF officer to prepare the statement, primarily out of that individual’s concern that the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) won’t be as forthcoming as it is mandated to be; singling out AARO head Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Fox said that his contact feels that the office “is cooperating too much with the intelligence agencies in terms of information going in and never seeing the light of day.”

“Now this individual, as a sort of precautionary measure, wants to, as far as he can, inform the general public what’s going on behind the scenes: what’s his involvement, what he knows, without violating his NDA,” Fox added.

Fox’s contact warns that “the technologies we have discovered will probably have to stay under classified programs due to national security,” but hopes to convey one important aspect of what he has to convey: “I believe it’s time for us all to know that we’re not alone.”

Here is the text of the statement Fox read on the podcast:

Hello, James. Just wanted to give you a quick shot of the involvement I’ve had with UAPs. I was introduced to a program while I was in the Air Force that involved Area 51 activities and did that for two to three years. My job involved going to a lot of different locations and hearing discussions from a lot of people that are working on very extraordinary technologies and materials.

Jumping forward to October of last year, I had already been interviewed by the UAP task force to testify in 2022 with the Senate and the House who were passing the new NDAA legislation at the time. I provided them with the context of my job and what I had experienced in an effort to give Congress more clarity on the program, which has been particularly difficult to get insight into.

After my testimony, I was again asked to speak to the new AARO organization. So earlier this year, I interviewed at the AARO office to help them in their study of UAP. It’s been an extraordinary road for me, to say the least, and I’m doing what I can to help get this out. I will be straightforward that the technologies we have discovered will probably have to stay under classified programs due to national security, but I believe it’s time for us all to know that we’re not alone.

This has been my whole purpose for becoming involved. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and it’s way too much for a lot of folks to take in right now. I’ll do my best to guide any discussions between the powers that are behind all of this, and hopefully, my friends who are still in the program will hear this and consider separating the technologies from the contact. I wish you all well, and I hope I’ll have an opportunity to open up the discussion of what this is all about very soon.

Hopefully this individual will have a chance to provide official testimony regarding what they have to offer in regards to attempts to investigate these “extraordinary technologies and materials” in the near future, although their message that we’re not alone is something that no level of officialdom can keep secret.

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  1. A question for Whitley: you said during the show that some people in government believe the human race was created by extraterrestrials using genetic engineering. To the best of you knowledge, do they believe this just because “the visitors said so”? As you pointed out, that would be quite naive. Were they able to obtain some corroborating evidence?

    1. This was actually a question about this week’s dreamland show, my apologies for posting it here. I have just reposted it where it belongs.

  2. I think at this point, enough military individuals have come forward with the message that we’re not alone, for us to say with a lot of certainty that we’ve already had the official disclosure that so many are hoping for. It just doesn’t feel like there’s disclosure, because it’s not being spoken about enough by mainstream news outlets or by anybody famous enough to circumvent mainstream media.

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