Strong Quake Shakes Turkey

June 6, 2000
An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter Scale has struck north central Turkey, causing panic in the capital, Ankara. The quake was centered on the town of Cerkes, 60 miles north of Ankara. One person has been reported dead. The... continued

Three Major Volcanoes Active

June 6, 2000
Mt. Etna in Italy, Mt. Popopocatapetl in Mexico, and Mt. Cameroon in the Cameroons have all experienced activity in recent days (June 7, 2000). Mt. Popocatapetl ejected ash to 18,000 feet on May 23, 2000, then again on June 6,... continued

Sumatra Death Toll Grows

June 6, 2000
Apocalypse Times - The June 5 Sumatra quake has left at least 100 people dead, and authorities do not believe that all bodies have as yet been uncovered. This quake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale caused severe damage in... continued

Prestigious British Paper Follows Boston Globe in Publishing Rational UFO Story

June 5, 2000
Observer - Leading British Sunday newspaper the Observer has published a story suggesting that the British Ministry of Defence is not being candid with the public about its interest in UFOs, and that some dramatic recent sightings remain unexplained. The... continued

Genfoods Genes Found to Jump Species Barrier

May 30, 2000
Genetic foods are being grown freely in the United States without any significant public oversight. The reason is that the genfoods industry has convinced regulatory and political bodies that modified genes cannot spread from one species to another and mutation... continued

Leslie Kean – UFO theorists gain support abroad

May 30, 2000
Boston Globe - Study by French officials, routine unexplained sightings, US military safety aspects combine to boost believers By Leslie Kean, 5/21/2000 Last month's release of the first detailed satellite images of Area 51, the top-secret US Air Force test... continued

Faster Than Light Experiment Stuns Physics

May 30, 2000
Scientists at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N. J., have submitted a paper to Nature for peer review that describes an experiment in which light was accelerated to 300 times its normal speed, so fast that the pulse exited... continued

Fabled Northeast Passage Reopens

April 15, 2000
Not since 1527 when English Merchant Robert Thorne speculated that a northeast passage across the lower arctic might exist has it been possible for ships to actually traverse the route without the help of icebreakers. The unprecedented speed of global... continued

Whitley Permanent Dreamland Host

April 13, 2000
Effective Sunday, April 16, Whitley Strieber will become the permanent host of Dreamland. Contrary to incorrect information that has appeared on some websites, Mr. Strieber has not been 'turned down' as the host of the overnight Coast-to-Coast program. Because of... continued

Ross Ice Shelf Begins to Break Up

April 11, 2000
One of the most massive icebergs ever recorded broke off the Ross Ice Shelf on March 25, 2000. This huge berg measured 183 miles long by 23 miles wide. Now two more enormous bergs have been discovered to have broken... continued