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The strange red UFO, a version of which appeared for many years over Gulf Breeze, Florida, has been appearing over Gilbert, Arizona near Phoenix since March. After a two month absence, it has been videotaped again on October 10 and 12.

The object hovers for long periods in the same place, appears to the naked eye to be a startling ruby or blood red, and has a red haze beneath its base. At times it maneuvers in a spectacular manner and has been seen to drop close to the earth.

Over the summer, a number of videos were made showing planes manuevering around Bubba, but there were no reports of the object from pilots or air traffic control, no doubt due to the powerful culture of denial that surrounds the UFO phenomenon and limits study of it to a dedicated few.

Because it appears over populated areas and sometimes drops far below minimum altitutes set by the FAA, it is not believed to be likely that Bubba is an experimental or secret aircraft in the possession of the government. But it may, of course, be something unknown that is in private hands.

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