A device that puts out five times as much power as is fed into it has been announced by Dr. Thomas Bearden and a scientific team.

As the design improves, the device is expected to produce as much as thirty times more power than it consumes.

The device, called a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, is designed around a new nanocrystalline material that was developed by Honeywell last year. In use, it would operate like a permanent battery, one that never became discharged.

In terms of engineering strategy, the device uses the nanocrystalline core material in a specially tape-wound structure to extract energy from the magnetic vector potential to a magnetic field restricted to the core. This results in a separation of potential energy that is “unheard of” according to the findings reported in a paper filed with the Department of Energy by Bearden in his colleagues. A PDF file of the paper is available here.

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