Whitley Strieber Does Art Bell Show

May 11, 1999
Whitley Strieber hosted the Art Bell Show in limited markets on the nights of April 27 and 28. Strieber hosted the program at his own request, as part of a process of testing possible guest hosts for the show. When... continued

Megadrought Predicted by Meteorological Group

May 11, 1999
World Watch - A study published in the December 1998 Bulletin of the American Meterological Society suggests that long-term climate patterns could result in droughts of unprecedented severity in the United States. Records show that droughts like the seven-year dust... continued

Quantum Entanglement Dethrones Uncertainty Principle

March 22, 1999
A stunning revision of quantum theory has effectively replaced Heisenberg?s uncertainty principle with the concept of quantum entanglement. According to Heisenberg, writing in the early years of this century, both the momentum and position of a particle cannot be known... continued

Solar Storms to Coincide to Y2K

March 22, 1999
What may well be the among most powerful solar maximums ever recorded will reach its height over the next 18 months, according to astronomers. Cycle 23 ?will be one of the largest on record, and compatible with the last two... continued

Confirmation Special To Air Feb. 17

January 18, 1999
The two-hour Confirmation Special will appear on NBC on Wednesday, February 17. Check your local listings for time. Produced by Mark Wolper and Whitley Strieber, the special searches for hard evidence of the unknown, centered around the issues raised in... continued

Y2K May Be A Bigger Problem than Anticipated

January 18, 1999
Speaking before a meeting of the World Future Society, Michael P. Harden of Century Technology Services has warned that more serious problems than have been anticipated may arise when computers attempt to shift the calendar to the year 2000. The... continued

Scientist Find Hard Evidence of Ghostly Phenomena

January 18, 1999
The prestigious British scientific journal The New Scientist reports that scientists are beginning to turn up strange physical measurements from 'hauntings' as well as intriguing if not entirely convincing photographic evidence. Unusual magnetic fields and areas of extreme cold in... continued

New MJ-12 Documents: Yes, But ARE THEY REAL?

December 19, 1998
On the Art Bell program of December 10-11, 1998, J. Robert Oppenheimer biographer James Kunetka raised questions about some of the MJ-12 documents that have recently been distributed by Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan Wood. Kunetka, the author of "Oppenheimer:... continued

Shocking New Implant Discovery

December 18, 1998
Well-known special effects artist and abductee Steve Neill has been diagnosed with an apparent implant in his right forearm. The object is to be removed by Dr. Roger Leir's surgical team. The object is circular, approximately 1/4 inch in diameter... continued

The New Government Documents: An Ongoing Analysis

December 10, 1998
I will be adding to this section frequently, as I delve deeper and deeper into the new document release. I am not capable of evaluating textual authenticity, and do not advance any claim that I can prove anything about whether... continued