Self-professed crop circle hoaxer Matthew Williams was arrested today in Salisbury, England and charged with criminal damage in connection with creating crop circles in farmer’s fields without the permission of owners.

The arrest is being used in the British media as a means of debunking crop circles in general, by suggesting that Mr. Williams was responsible for the most magnificent and unexplained of the formations that have appeared.

It is likely that this debunking process will spread throughout the media, despite the fact that the crop circle that Mr. Williams made to prove to Whitley Strieber that the best circles were manmade was, in fact, immediately recognized by investigators as a relatively crude hoax.

The mystery of the crop circles remains true: the great majority of these formations are created by an unknown phenomenon. In recent months, as the formations have become more and more magnificent, skilled professional media manipulators have spread out across the UK and the United States with a claim that the most complex 80% are manmade.

Now this latest debunking effort will further distance the average person from the awesome beauty of the crop circle mystery.

Mr. Williams is expected to receive a small fine, should he plead guilty to the charges that have been levied against him.

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