The strange object that moved across midwestern skies in the early evening of Friday, October 13, has become even stranger. Oklahoma UFO investigator Jim Hickman reports that he “was monitoring local law enforcement radio channels, and at 7:31 PM local time, a radio call came in that four or five fighter planes were sighted by local police officers, traveling to the northwest. At the same time, an unidentified flying object encountered the fighters and reportedly crashed into the ground north of Elk City, Oklahoma.”

Hickman further reported that the descending UFO was seen by multiple witnesses “as far west as Shamrock, Texas and as far east as Clinton, OK, north to Cheyenne, OK and south to Granite, OK.

Hickman told UFO Roundup that a Hammond, OK police cruiser reported that the UFO was moving in a northerly direction and crashed on a farm north of Hammond.

Hickman himself observed a bright vapor trail that went from southwest to northeast. Other witnesses, including one who sent a report to Whitleysworld, also reported bright, low vapor trails in connection with the lights seen that night.

NASA initially dismissed the sightings as falling debris from a Russian Proton rocket launched earlier in the day, but US Space Command stated that this was not the explanation, as they had not tracked any such debris, and NORAD speculated that it may have been a meteor shower.

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