Severe Solar Storm Hits Earth

November 9, 2000
From NASA's RADIATION STORM: The flux of high-energy protons near Earth is approximately 100,000 times greater than normal following an M8-category solar flare near active region 9218 on the Sun's western limb. The sun has been unusually active lately,... continued

Media Crop Circle Disinformation Frenzy

November 8, 2000
As predicted, world media is eagerly using the Matthew Williams crop circle hoax story to disinform the public about these enigmatic formations. The fairy tales that began in the British media a few days ago have spread as far afield... continued

Whitley Strieber Will Speak at the 2000 Texas Book Festival

November 8, 2000
Whitley Strieber will be a Featured Author at the 2000 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas. He will speak from 3:15 to 4:00PM in the Senate Chamber of the Texas State Capitol at Austin. He will be signing books from... continued

Hopis Silence Revealer of Secrets

November 8, 2000
In a letter publicized Friday Hopi cultural affairs preservation officers asked John Kimmey of Taos, NM, to cease calling himself a "carrier of Hopi prophecy" and to no longer reveal Hopi secret teachings. The letter said, "The Hopi people have... continued

Crop Circle Hoaxer Sentenced

November 7, 2000
AP - Crop Circle hoaxer Matthew Williams was found guilty of damage to property in Magistrates Court in the town of Devises in England today. He was fined 100 pounds and 40 pounds costs. His defense was that Crop Circle... continued

Gregory Smith – Incredible Kid, Incredible Mission

November 6, 2000
Gregory Robert Smith is frank about his brilliance. "I am proud of who I am" says the 11 year old Robert Macon College Sophomore. Gregory started college when he was ten. Child prodigies like Greg are rare enough, but he... continued

Crop Circles Are Unknown Phenomenon: NASA Engineer

November 5, 2000
Editorial commentary: As it has become harder and harder to dismiss crop circles, the debunker community has brought out its big guns. A former crop circle researcher has spread a story much welcomed by a media in a total state... continued

British Storms Worsen–Blair Says Climate Change

November 5, 2000
Some of the worst weather in history continued to sweep across the United Kingdom today, with even higher winds and more rain expected Monday. British Prime Minster Tony Blair, while touring Shropshire on Friday, said that the government would have... continued

Another Possible ET Photo

November 4, 2000
Over the years there have been a smattering of possible ET photos and videos, all of which have remained highly controversial. This image, allegedly taken in a Russian police station in 1996, has an interesting story behind it. The story... continued

Newly Discovered Asteroids Passing Close

November 3, 2000
Asteroid Toutatis, which passed within 29 lunar orbits of the moon on October 31, has been followed by two newly discovered objects which are passing earth on much closer orbits. While neither asteroid is going to come near an impact... continued