Scientists Issue Extreme Climate Change Warning

January 21, 2001
A group of scientists from 99 different countries have issued a warning that the climate change problem has become urgent and Earth could heat up by over 40 degrees Fahrenheit this century. The report was issued by the Intergovernmental Panel... continued

Dead Man Sat at Desk for Five Days

January 21, 2001
Here's another indication that the recession may be slowing things down inthe workplace: A man sat at his desk for 5 days before his fellow officeworkers noticed he was dead. George Turklebaum, a 51 year old proof reader, suffered a... continued

Ice Sheets Close to Devastating Meltdown

January 21, 2001
New satellite images reveal that large Antarctic ice sheets are "just a fewdegrees" away from a potentially catastrophic meltdown. If the ice melts,billions of gallons of water will rush into the oceans, raising sea levelsmuch more rapidly than has been... continued

Think You’re Safe? Watch Out For Air Fresheners

January 20, 2001
Science News - Lemon-scented air fresheners and cleaning products can cause dangerous indoor pollution, according to Charles J.Weschler, a chemist at Telcordia Technologies in Red Bank, NJ. He stumbled into this fact while experimenting with alemon scenting agent at his... continued

Greetings, Fellow Martians

January 20, 2001
Scientists have announced that they have discovered magnetic crystals inside a 4 billion year old Martian meteorite that landed in Antarctica about 13,000 years ago. On earth, this type of crystal is only produced by microscopic bacteria.This is strong evidence... continued

Immortal Skin Cells Discovered

January 20, 2001
While working in her lab, pathologist Lynn Allen-Hoffman discovered a petri dish filled with colonies of skin cellsthat, for some unknown reason, will not die. She was running a routine experiment on the aging of human skin, when shefirst noticed... continued

World Secretly Preparing for Mideast War

January 18, 2001
U.S. European Command (EUCOM) military forces will be upgraded from condition "Bravo" to condition "Charlie" by January 20. "Alpha" is the lowest alert status and "Delta" is the highest. Anonymous sources have leaked the fact that these forces may be... continued

New Genfood Rules Delight Industry

January 17, 2001
After two years of review, the FDA has decided that there is no need for American companies to label genfoods, and that testing for allergic response and toxicity is unnecessary. This means that genetically engineered food products are free to... continued

New Fish Mystify French

January 17, 2001
French chefs are going to have to think up some new dishes, since new kinds fish are appearing in the waters off the French coast. Along with the oceans in the rest of the world, these waters are warming, and... continued

Global Warming Solution: Spray Particles into Air

January 17, 2001
Dr. Edward Teller, who helped develop the atomic bomb 60 years ago, has turned his attention to possible ways to reverse global warming. Most scientists have decided that if current trends continue, the Earth's average surface temperature will be 2.7... continued